Weekly Chart Pack – 2nd February 2021

*A collection of custom trading and finance related charts and analysis*

Coming up this week, I have a blog post on Cryptocurrency which will be published tomorrow. It includes technical analysis, my thoughts on the recent events and some realistic facts and figures. I also have a trade breakdown blog post for you which will be published on Friday.

FX Volatility.

Average Daily Volatility for FX Majors Against a Basket of Currencies
Rolling Monthly Volatility of 6 Major FX Currencies excl. JPY

Notes: GBP daily volatility has reduced dramatically in the last month and that is because this table is created on a calendar month basis so it only includes yesterdays price data. This does set a good mood for the month where perhaps we will see less market chop in Pound based FX pairs.

Euro and Yen daily volatility has increased on last weeks data and this is shown by them now registering as High compared to the 5 year average. Looking at the overall average rolling monthly volatility of all pairs (excluding JPY), Volatility remains elevated and relatively unchanged.

VIX Indicator For Multiple Instruments.

A custom volatility indicator built on the principles of Larry Williams VIXFIX theory and applied to the daily timeframe of the following financial instruments. For each financial instrument I have displayed a 12 month and 3 year chart and applied my volatility indicator to each.

S&P500 Index, Ticker: ^GSPC

Crude Oil Futures, Ticker: CL=F

GBPUSD Currency Pair, Ticker: GBPUSD=X

EURUSD Currency Pair, Ticker: EURUSD=X

EURGBP Currency Pair, Ticker: EURGBP=X

FX Correlation Data.

A table of data showing the correlation coefficient between major currency pairs based on the daily log returns through the previous 36 months of price data. The least correlated pairs have been highlighted in each column for ease of use. An excel file containing this table can be downloaded using the button below the table.

*All price data used in the creation of these custom indicators and charts was downloaded from https://finance.yahoo.com

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