Market Champions and Vanity Fair Magazine – New Content Alert!

*I guest featured on a popular finance Podcast and Vanity Fair online article*

Happy Friday to you all! This blog post is going to be short and sweet. Enjoy!

Recently I was approached by both a financial markets podcaster and a freelance journalist for Vanity Fair magazine to be a featured guest for their new content. I gladly obliged and now I am able to share with you some brand new and completely different trading/finance content. I hope to do more guest features on podcasts and other online publications and blogs in future and will share them with you when I do.

Market Champions Podcast.

Market Champions is a popular podcast that features a variety of guests who work in the trading and finance industry. In episode 106 I am featured talking about my views on coronavirus, the economy in 2020, the current levels of fiscal stimulus and how I am trading the markets right now. The podcast is informal in its format and very easy to listen to.

Listen now on Spotify and iTunes by clicking on the links below.

Vanity Fair – Oil Traders on the Day Prices Went Negative.

Vanity Fair is a monthly magazine well known across the globe for its features on popular culture, fashion and current affairs. In this article, I am featured alongside other trading and finance professionals as we give our views on the crude oil crisis that occurred this year. The article features word for word, what our views were including swearing and sheer disbelief!

Click on the link below to read the full article now.

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