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*Trading course content explained – Learn to trade the financial markets the right way!*

In this blog post I am going to explain, in more detail, exactly what you will receive when you purchase my Mastering The Markets – Retail Trading Course. I have been asked by various followers about what the course consists of and if it will help them learn to trade the financial markets and even become a professional or retail trader.

Since the release earlier this year I have received nothing but good feedback from my followers who have already purchased the mastering the markets course. I am currently planning on updating this blog site so you will be able to read some reviews from clients but I am trying to keep this blog away from becoming a ‘marketing” platform and maintain it as a source for quality trading knowledge and content.

Okay, let’s start by looking at exactly what you will receive when you click “BUY NOW”.

The retail trading course consists of the following:

  • 254 Page Mastering The Markets – Retail Trading Course Textbook.
  • 4x Individual Trading Strategy Guides.
  • 1x Trade Database – A Collection of Previous Example Trades.
  • Digital Library Containing 25 Finance & Trading Books.

You will also receive my personal email address and a direct line of contact with myself to help you with your personal trading progression.

Trading Course Textbook.

The course textbook took me 3 months to create and finish. It is over 250 pages in length and contains everything I know about trading and the financial markets. This is information I have learnt through research and practical experience whilst trading the financial markets for the past 6 years.

Alongside the detailed explanations of how to trade multiple different timeframes depending on your abilities and access to the markets, the course textbook also contains 3 of my personal trading strategies that I use regularly when trading the financial markets.

  • Strategy 1 – This is a fully scalable, multi timeframe technical based strategy that can be applied to most financial instruments. It requires the use of technical analysis, a few technical indicators and your ability to identify levels of momentum within the markets (this is taught in the course).
  • Strategy 2 – This is an intraday trend reversal trading strategy that uses technical analysis and basic trade management (taught in the course) to profit from trend reversals primarily in the FX and Commodities markets.
  • Strategy 3 – This is a completely mechanical trading strategy that has been developed to profit from a very short term recurring pattern within the markets. It produces very few trade positions per year but it also requires zero trader discretion and is suited to those with little free time to trade the markets.

Extra Content.

Learning how to analyse the markets and using my personal trading strategies is only 50% of the journey to becoming a successful retail/professional financial markets trader.

Within the course textbook I also go in to great detail explaining how I view and understand financial market fundamentals, what moves the various different markets and how those markets react to changes in the global economy. I also have created course sections on trading psychology, developing a long term trading plan and my key beliefs for what makes a profitable trader.

Trading Strategy Guides.

The 4x trading strategy guides that you will receive are also available to purchase on Amazon and are worth £20.00 if bought separately. They are very useful for those of you with not a lot of free time or money to spend on an extensive trading educational package such as my Mastering The Markets – Retail Trading Course.

With these trading strategy guides you can learn my technical day trading strategy, how to long term swing trade using technical analysis, the basic chart patterns used in trading or even, how to understand market price gaps and how to profit from them.

All of these strategy guides contain great amounts of detailed information, with easy to read instructions and multiple real trade examples for you to learn from.

Are you wanting even more?

And finally, if this isn’t enough for you I have even used the Mastering The Markets – Retail Trading Course Textbook to share with you some industry trade secrets.

  • Capital Allocation – manage your capital in the most efficient way to reduce risks.
  • Trade Management Techniques – get the most from each trade you take.
  • Staying Profitable – long term planning.

If you are looking to take your trading to the next level or you want to start off on the right path with the correct knowledge to succeed in the world of financial markets trading then please click on the BUY NOW button below.

DISCLAIMER: None of the information posted on this site or within the download files is to be considered investment/financial advice. Trading is high risk and you should only trade with money you can afford to lose. By pre-ordering or purchasing the Mastering the Markets retail trading course, you agree to my terms and conditions which can be found by clicking here.

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