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Happy Friday to you all! Once again it is time for the monthly book club recommendation and this month is going to be slightly different. If you do not follow me on Instagram then you will not be aware that I am currently running a free competition where one lucky follower can win 5 finance/trading books! See post below for details.

The competition is running until 4pm today at which point the winner will be announced and the books will be sent to them. If you want to get involved then please head over to my Instagram page by clicking on the link below.

This months book recommendation is very relevant in today’s stock markets when in the first 4 months of 2020 we have seen a global pandemic, a stock market crash, a crude oil price war and the beginnings of a stock market recovery.

This book is actually a special release from MoneyWeek, a finance and economics website that produces some very good content. I highly recommend checking out their website if you have a spare few minutes.

This book is a short read of less than 100 pages but it is very good! The author explains and analyses 13 examples of past market crashes and how they were started and what the outcomes were. This is very relevant considering we are facing the very same situation right now in the markets.

Learnt about the bizarre Tulip Mania that occurred back in the 1600’s and the original Wall Street Crash that happened in the early 1900’s.

As we are all self isolating and staying home I think it is more important than ever for bloggers, vloggers and content creators to provide even more content to keep us all occupied and entertained whilst we are in these testing times.

As a gift to you all, the digital PDF copy of this book is FREE to download via the link below.

I wish you all a good weekend! Remember to check out my free Instagram competition this afternoon and if you want to see live updates of my trade positions, then please follow my profile and check out my daily stories.

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