New Book Recommendation – March 2020

I apologise for not posting a book club recommendation last month, with a lot going on in the markets (and a vacation) I had little time to write a book recommendation worthy of your reading. This months book recommendation is a technical analysis trading book designed to increase your knowledge surround pattern trading in the financial markets.

This months book recommendation is Trade What You See: How To Profit from Pattern Recognition.

Trade What You See is a very simple yet informative book that explain one of the most primitive ut widely used methods of trading the financial markets – pattern recognition. Larry Pesavento is a veteran market trader and has seen more market action than most of us combined, I therefore believe he is definitely qualified to teach trading techniques.

The basis of this book is formed upon key patterns that repeat themselves in the market and then utilising geometry of the markets and fibonacci retracement/extension levels to find specific trade entry and exit points. As you should all now know, I use chart patterns and the fibonacci retracement tool in my own technical analysis and I find it very useful.

Larry then takes things to the next level and explains in great detail how he trades quite complex yet easy to recognise patterns that he has found to provide consistent trading returns thought his trading career which spans over 40 years!

This book is a great read, even if you don’t intend on trading patterns in the future because you are learning from a true financial markets veteran.

Both paperback and e-book copies can be purchased via the links below.

Kindle Edition

Hardcover Edition

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