New Book Recommendation – December 2019

Merry Christmas to you all! My last blog post of this year is going to be a book club recommendation for those of you looking to kill some time over the festive period.

This months book recommendation is Den Of Thieves by James B Stewart.

This book is much like my previous non-fictional story recommendations such as Barbarians at the Gate and Flash Boys. Den of Thieves is tells the full story of one of the biggest insider trading “scams” that existed on Wall Street and how they operated, how they were found out and eventually brought to justice.

The story is set in the 1980’s which was a time when the Wall Street greed monster was at its highest, financiers were living the dream and money was abundant. What makes this book even better is that it is 100% true, and those involved are all big names in the world of finance. Michael Milken (the junk bond king) and Ivan Boesky (the man who received a record breaking fine) are those who feature.

Much of the detail in this book has been used in many movies and books since and you will soon notice that when you start reading.

This book is a great read because it tells the story from a non-bias perspective and includes interviews with traders at the time, transcripts from the case against them and even actual trade records.

Both paperback and e-book copies can be purchased via the links below.

Kindle Edition

Hardcover Edition –

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