New Book Recommendation – September 2019

My final blog post of the month is going to be my latest book recommendation for you all. I really like this new series of blog post because I remember when I first started learning to trade, I was always looking for new books to read.

This book was one I read this summer whilst away on holiday. It tells a fantastic story of the current state of financial markets industry and provides a detailed insight in to who you are trading against.

This months book recommendation is Flash Boys by Michael Lewis.

Flash Boys is one of the best selling books from the brilliant Michael Lewis who is a world renowned author responsible for some of the greatest finance industry books in the last 20 years.

His other books include:

  • The Big Short (Yes, the book the movie was based on)
  • Liars Poker (Infamous amongst the trading world)
  • Moneyball (Baseball related but still incredible and turned in to a film)

Flash Boys tells the story of the IT genius’s and the millionaires that run the mysterious and murky world of High Frequency Trading (HFT) and how they make huge profits from microseconds. Very little was known about the world of HFT and most of the general public still don’t realise what it means, how it works and how these secretive groups of people are profiting from your trades.

This book explains everything from how HFT companies work, how they use you and your trading to make millions of dollars each year and how a group of good samaritans in the finance industry set out to make the whole “game” fairer for us all.

Flash Boys by Michael Lewis is a real eye opener and a gripping read. It really is a fantastic book and anyone in the finance and trading industry will find it highly interesting.

The book is for sale on Amazon right now for £6.46 as a paperback or £5.49 as a kindle e-book. This is a very fair price in my opinion.

If you missed last months book recommendation then please click on the link below to check out my quick review of Trading: Technical Analysis Masterclass by Rolf Schlotmann and Moritz Czubatinski.

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