Friday Good News – Top 100 Trading Blog!

*We got included in the top 100 list of forex trading blogs on the internet!*

It’s Friday and the bank holiday weekend is here in the UK! I have 3 days off from trading and plenty of golf booked in… perfect.

I also received some fantastic news this week and I thought I would write this blog post to thank you all for following and reading my blog on a regular basis. I hope it provides you with a lot of useful information and has helped you all in one way or another.

Diary of a Finance Kid is now listed in the Top 200 Forex Blogs on the web and is currently sat at number 86 so we made it in to the top 100!

I would like to thank Feedspot for firstly creating the list because their website is very helpful for quickly and easily finding lots off great content, and secondly for adding my blog to the list!

If you haven’t used Feedspot before then I highly recommend it. You can find lots of other great blogs on the website related to financial markets trading and any other topic that interests you. Click on the link below to check out their website.

Have a great weekend and I look forward to bringing you some brilliant content next week including:

GBPJPY Trade Breakdown – 4 positions and large reward:risk ratios.

GBPAUD Trade Breakdown – 2 positions and multiple entry points missed.

US Oil Market Analysis – Live market analysis and how to trade oil.

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