New Book Recommendation – June 2019

I am going to start doing one new book recommendation every month for you all. That way, if you are ever in need of new material to keep your brains active and knowledge growing then you can come to the blog and find a book review.

Last months book was Black Edge by Sheelah Kolhatkar and it is a personal favourite of mine. You can check out the recommendation and find the book by clicking on the link below.

This months book recommendation is When Genius Failed by Roger Lowenstein. Another brilliant non-fiction telling the story of the amazing rise and even greater call of Long-Term Capital Management.

When Genius Failed: The Rise and Fall of Long Term Capital Management is the book that tells the story of the creation of what was destined to be the greatest hedge fund in the world. LTCM was founded by John Meriweather, a well known bonds dealer from an even more well known US investment bank, and 2 Nobel prize winners alongside the brightest and best talent on wall street.

John and his team thought they were smarter than the rest of the world and from the start, LTCM managed to achieve some amazing results. Unfortunately that quickly changed and the story of LTCM’s rise to fame was soon over shadowed by their fall from the top.

I particularly like the way this book is written because it describes the trading and investing techniques used by LTCM in a lot of detail. Not only is the whole story of LTCM interesting but I think the book has even greater merit those of you with a strong interest in the financial markets.

It doesn’t matter what stage of your journey in to trading and investing you are currently at, this book has something for everyone and there are definitely key lessons to be learnt from it.

The price of the book is less than £7 on Amazon and it is definitely one to read. Perfect for taking away on your holidays this summer!

Click on the image above to get your copy and I look froward to hearing your reviews! :)

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