Portfolio Update – 25/04/2019

Here is my mid-week portfolio update as at today. I am holding 3 long term swing positions and a counter trend trade on Spot Gold. Let’s get stuck in to my 4 positions and why I have taken each trade and what I plan to do with each over the next few days/weeks.

Current Positions:

  • EURAUD Long – Executed @ 1.5720
  • CADJPY Short – Executed @ 84.225
  • AUDUSD Long – Executed @ 0.70
  • Gold Spot (Vs USD) Long – Executed @ $1272
  • GBPJPY Long – Executed @ 144.150
CB Portfolio Split as at 25/04/19

I am fairly “uninvested” in the markets at the moment with only 4 positions on the markets. I am being patient and waiting for more suitable trading conditions to enter more positions.

EURAUD 4hr Chart
CADJPY 4hr Chart
AUDUSD 4hr Chart
Gold (Spot) 4hr Chart
GBPJPY 4hr Chart

You can keep track of my trades and analysis on the TradingView platform by clicking here.

1 thought on “Portfolio Update – 25/04/2019

  1. You can see the technical analysis for some of these entries on previous blog posts. The analysis for EURAUD is here https://diaryofafinancekid.com/2019/04/24/trading-basics-finding-price-support-and-buying-before-the-break/


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