My Top 5 Reading List – Trading Books

Happy Sunday! This is my first weekend post on my blog so I thought I would do something different and provide you with my list of 5 “Must Read” books relating to trading and investing. I have personally read all of the books in this list at least once and some of them more than once and I will only ever recommend products/software/services on this blog that I have used myself and got value from.

As you all know, I am a self taught trader and one of the things I did when I first started out was reading anything and everything I could get my hands on. I read trading books, investing books, articles on the internet, blogs and websites. Reading is a very powerful tool and you are never too old or too smart to learn something new.

I have linked the title of each book to the amazon book store so you can easily find it if you want to purchase.

Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas

This is a fantastic book for new traders and investors. I found it most useful when trying to get my head around the psychology of trading and investing and what makes a great trader. It breaks down the key principles that makes a trader consistently profitable over the long term which exactly what you need. There is also a very good analogy based around Casinos.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton G Malkiel

This book is more favoured towards traditional, long term investing as opposed to actively trading and speculating on the financial markets. None the less, it is a very good read. It gives a good insight in to what makes a successful investor and what type of investments are more likely succeed in the long term and produce consistent returns.

Fibonacci Trading by Carolyn Boroden

I bought this book when I first starting looking into using the Fibonacci Retracement tool in my trading after seeing other traders using it frequently. As soon as I opened this book it instantly appealed to me and my inner “geek”. It is packed full of detail and charts and trade examples along with explanations on how Fibonacci works and how to use it most effectively. It is a very technical read but a must for technical traders looking to go to the next level. This book is one of the most expensive on the list but, in my opinion, it is still great value.

Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom by Van K Tharp

This was one of the first trading books I bought. It was in hard back format and weighs an absolute tonne but that is a good thing! It is packed full of content starting with basic trading strategies and covering everything from money management to calculating the expectancy of different trading systems to see which is best. I recommend this book for beginners and also experienced traders because you can never have too much knowledge. This is one of the books that I have read multiple times and it has a permanent place on my main bookshelf in the house.

Market Wizards by Jack D Schwager

This book is one of those books that everyone should read, no matter how experienced you are. It contains interviews with many different traders and investors so you get a wide variety of information that covers almost all of the financial markets. Jack speaks to people like Paul Tudor Jones, who is arguably one of the most famous traders of the 20th century, and Michael Steinhardt who is a more traditional investor and hedge fund manager. They talk about how they trade and what they think makes a successful trader/investor. It is also one of the cheaper books selling for less than £13 for the paperback version.

These are just some of the books in my collection but I have picked them because I feel they have excellent value in their own individual way. They are also all very different so even if you bought only these 5 books, then you would have access to a variety of new knowledge.

And of course… this wouldn’t be a blog post written by me if I didn’t shamelessly plug my very own e-book that I wrote and published last year. It is no where near as good as the 5 books I have listed above but it is mine and I am very proud of it.

Learn to Day Trade The Financial Markets by Charlie Bowden

I hope you find this post helpful and remember, there is a reason Bill Gates reads 50 books per year and currently resides very near the top of the global rich list.

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