Quick Update – Losses, Learning and London.

Hi All, this is going to be a very brief post to keep you updated. I will go in to more detail on various trades later tonight/tomorrow as today is a busy one.

My portfolio has changed a little bit since yesterday as US Oil rallied strongly throughout the day and I had to cut the position to protect my trading capital. Not ideal but losses are a part of trading so onwards and upwards. I will do a full breakdown tomorrow showing why I took the US Oil short trade and why it eventually failed me.

I have been busy keeping Trading View saturated with trading content so you can all follow the trades from pre-entry analysis through to execution and exit. I am also adding a few “educational” ideas on to the platform so you can see how and why I enter certain trades. A few of these can be found by clicking the links below:

Trading Market Gaps:


Simple Day Trading:


You can track these trade set ups through the whole process and pause it and look at the individual analysis points on the charts. It is a very handy tool for learning to trade specific set ups and strategies.

I am now off to London this afternoon to see my boy Post Malone kill it at the London O2 arena!

And for food? It’s got to be Rodizio Rico which is the best place in the world for anyone who loves to eat more meat than they need to. Click on the name to see their website and check them out… you won’t be disapointed.

It’s FRIDAY tomorrow! Enjoy 🙂

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