Portfolio Update – 13/03/2019

Here is my mid-week portfolio update as at today. I am still holding the two EURO short positions that I have had in my portfolio since the 1st March. Let’s get in to what’s happened since then and what’s changed in my portfolio.

My Portfolio as at 06/03/2019:

  • EURUSD Short – Executed @ 1.14015
  • EURNZD Short – Executed @ 1.67020
  • USDCAD Long – Executed @ 1.31380
  • US Oil Short – Executed @ $57.00
  • GBPUSD Short – Executed @ 1.32250
  • NZDJPY Short – Executed @ 76.250

My current position on GBPUSD is the remainder of a high impact news trade I placed on Tuesday 12th March. The GBP FX currency dropped across the board with some cross pairs falling over 250 pips in less than 4 hours. I am keeping 20% of my original position open to capitalise on anymore bad Brexit news over the coming days. This position has zero exposure.

All open positions can be seen in the charts below.

EURUSD 4hr chart
EURNZD 4hr chart
USDCAD 4hr chart
US Oil 4hr chart
NZDJPY 4hr chart

You can keep track of my open positions by following the trades live through my TradingView profile which can be found by clicking here.

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