Changing The Industry.

This is just a quick blog post to show my appreciation for you readers of my blog and fellow traders who follow me on Trading View.

I have recently increased my blogging, journalling and sharing of my Trading activities in an effort to help new traders learn and improve. I am also doing this in the hope of changing an industry that is currently saturated with trading schools, mentors and signal sellers that deserve no place in the market. They are leaches preying on those who are vulnerable to being sold a dream.

As of today I am now a top author on the Trading View platform across the daily, weekly and monthly timeframes. I will continue blogging and sharing as much information and knowledge with you all in an effort to help change the lives of as many traders as possible. I will do this completely FREE OF CHARGE.

Please continue to follow my journey and utilise the FREE information and knowledge that I share. It is there for your benefit.

You can find me via the following social media platforms:

Trading ViewCharlie50Bowden


I am also an author on the Amazon Kindle book store and have 2 e-books available for purchase. These can be found via links on the downloads page of this blog.

I have a few good posts ready for the rest of the week so keep an eye on this blog because there is a lot of knowledge inbound! 🙂

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