Quick Update – Whats in my portfolio?

I thought I would do a quick Friday update to let you know what positions I am currently holding in my portfolio. It’s the 1st of the month so it’s always good to go through what trades you took last month and analyse what went right and what went wrong. It is also a good time to clear off your charts and go back to analysing with a fresh mind and no bias to get a good head start on the upcoming month.

My Portfolio as at 01/03/2019:

  • EURUSD Short – Executed @ 1.14015
  • EURNZD Short – Executed @ 1.67020
EURUSD 4HR CHART 01/03/2019
EURNZD 1HR CHART 01/03/2019

On my watchlist for upcoming trades, I am looking at USD/CAD, Gold, US Oil and GBP/JPY. I will do a post next week going through what I am looking for on these instruments.

But as it is Friday and I don’t tend to enter new positions on Fridays… it’s time to go play a round of Golf. Feel free to follow me on instagram by clicking here 🙂

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